Inclusive Sports Courses

Inclusive Sports Courses

Eine Sportlerin im Rollstuhl auf einer Tartanbahn. Eine Sportlerin im Rollstuhl auf einer Tartanbahn. Eine Sportlerin im Rollstuhl auf einer Tartanbahn. © Giuliana-Gabriela Ebel, 2019

We offer various specifically inclusive sports classes. People with disabilities are not excluded from the general sports program and are encouraged to participate, if necessary with assistance (see Buddy-Project).


In this class people with and without disabilities can try out climbing together under experienced guidance in a small group. It doesn't matter whether it is a physical or psychological impairment or a chronic illness. The necessary equipment for the course is available and included in the course fee. The class instructors are trained in climbing with disabilities, which is why special care for physically or mentally disabled persons is provided in the classes marked inclusive.

The duration of the course is 2 hours and is designed for a maximum of 6 participants.

Instructor, rental equipment and entrance to the climbing gym during the course are included in the price. 

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer inclusive climbing classes. We hope we can reinstate the classes soon.


Moving without limits. In this course, everyone can engage in healthy exercise without wondering if their disability may be an obstacle. Meet new people and enjoy doing sports together! The course is aimed at students and employees of our partner universities with or without disabilities who would prefer an inclusive sports experience. Develop exercise routines and test your limits, discover your strengths and improve your wellbeing!

The course is supported by the Leibniz School of Education. In addition to the participation in the course, seminars and workshops are offered regarding the possibilities of inclusive sports with and without disabilities.

Due to the current situation, we unfortunately cannot offer our regular inclusive program. People with disabilites can of course join every other course on offer. If you need assistance, please see: Buddy-Project 


This workshop is designed to be an introduction to the Buddy-Project. Participants will give several Hochschulsport classes a try and experience how to do sports as a tandem.

The main focus of our workshop is an accessibility training on the SportCAMPUS. Participants will be introduced to practical assisting techniques for blind and visually impaired persons under professional guidance of  Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband Niedersachsen e.V. (Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Lower Saxony). Participants will explore the SportCAMPUS and highlight possible obstacles to accessibility.

The workshop is aimed towards everyone who would like to receive further education in assisting people with disabilites and who would like to experience the SportCAMPUS in a different light.

Dates to be determined.