About the Hochschulsport

Gebäude Zentrum für Hochschulsport Gebäude Zentrum für Hochschulsport Gebäude Zentrum für Hochschulsport

The Hochschulsport is an opportunity for all students and employees to take part in sports together, to exercise and to ensure a healthy balance to the daily routine of university. The program of the Hochschulsport is organized by the Zentrum für Hochschulsport, which is located at the SportCAMPUS.


The Zentrum für Hochschulsport organizes an extensive sports program which includes over 100 different kind of sports and movements. Additionally, the Hochschulsport runs a gym, the CAMPUSFit, and a climbing hall, the KletterCAMPUS. During the semester as well as in the semester break over 700 courses take place, which have different durations.

Primarily, the Zentrum für Hochschulsport is oriented towards mass sports. The aim of the sports courses is not to achieve top performances or to train to the point of fatigue, but rather to have fun with friends and acquaintances or to make new contacts in sports. Consequently, the Zentrum für Hochschulsport intends to create a balance to the daily life of university. On top of that, it is possible to engage socially at the Hochschulsport For instance, as a trainer you can actively organize your favourite sports activity or participate in sports politics as a representative. 


The Zentrum für Hochschulsport organizes the whole sports program, runs the CAMPUSFit as well as the KletterCAMPUS and manages the property „SportCAMPUS“.

On top of that, there is the „AStA-Sportreferat", which merges with other sports departments of the cooperative universities, the so called „Gemeinsames Sportreferat“. The sports department represents the students at the Hochschulsport and is consequently responsible for sports political decisions of students.

Furthermore, there is the meeting of the representatives. Every active sports group has the ability of choosing one representative, who represents the interests of the participants. Therefore, the meeting is an advisory committee which represents the interests and desires of the participants. At the meeting, the representatives decide about the budget of the „Sportreferat“ and choose the speakers of the „Gemeinsames Sportreferat“.

Another committee is the advisory council, which consists of selected members of the Leibniz University and the cooperative universities. The council gives recommendations for areas of focus, distribution of sports facilities, the annual budget as well as memberships and cooperations with external institutions.