Apprenticeship for Sports and Fitness Management

Zwei Personen unterhalten sich im CampusFit. Zwei Personen unterhalten sich im CampusFit. Zwei Personen unterhalten sich im CampusFit.

Introduced in 2007, the Hochschulsport has continually apprenticed young people in Sports and Fitness Management. Sports and Fitness managers work in administration and organization to develop new concepts for sports programs and sports events, as well as customer service.


We offer a dual system apprenticeship. This means that we take over the operational and the school part of the apprenticeship. As a rule, the apprenticeship period is three years (reducable to two years if Abitur has been completed). School attendance is weekly - in the first year, twice per week and from the second year on, once per week. The exams will be proctored by the IHK-Hannover, which is the chamber of industry and commerce. The content of the apprenticeship at the ZfH is based on the apprenticeship plan of the company which relates to a professional apprenticeship as sports and fitness managers.

We emphasize:

  • Assignment at our gym
  • Fundraising and management of resources
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relations
  • Planning and organizing of sports events
  • Property Management
  • HR/Staff Management


We expect:

  • Eagerness to Learn
  • Initiative
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Excellent Conduct and above-average service orientation

For successful completion of the apprenticeship, a good high school diploma is recommended.

We expect good grades in: 

  • German
  • Maths
  • Sports