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We turn your event into a special experience

   Mail: klettercampushochschulsport-hannover.de               Phone: 0511-762 14287

School lessons, social institutions or study groups

You want your students to experience the challenges and rewards of climbing in a secure setting? We offer an attractive programme for schools and organisations to break out of the usual sports context.

No matter if you are planning a project, a unique excursion or a long-term climbing activity – we can guarantee a collective experience for everybody.

You do not need prior knowledge or abilities. Under our instructor’s guidance everybody, including you, will easily make the first climbing attempts regardless of the fitness level.

Birthday parties

You want an exciting alternative for the usual small celebrations with coffee and cake? Celebrate your birthday with action and new challenges!

Our experienced coaches will make your birthday an unforgettable highlight for you and your friends. You do not have to be afraid of failure. With our help, you and your guests will easily make the first steps at the walls – regardless of prior knowledge and fitness level.

You want to make your child’s birthday an exceptional event? Fun, action and exercise are guaranteed at the KletterCAMPUS. Our experienced coaches will make it an unforgettable party for your child and all its friends! 


Performance, efficiency and success are inconceivable without a strong team. Promoting the spirit within your team can, consequently, lead to heightened solidarity and productivity. 

If you want to bring your team members closer together, you should consider coming to the KletterCAMPUS. Get to know the parallels of team sport concerning teambuilding, trust and guidance and start working on the atmosphere in your team.

Works outing and Christmas parties

Are you searching for a new idea for you work events, fun, action and new experiences for you and your colleagues? Make this year’s excursion an eventful challenge, which everyone can accomplish. Our trainers will guide you during your first climbing steps – regardless of prior knowledge and fitness level.