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In general, members (students and staff) of the universities have a casualty insurance when participating in university sports. Legal basis is the code of social law, competent authority is the “Landesunfallkasse Niedersachsen” (LUK).

As the LUK reserves the right to examine every individual case, universal statements cannot be made. Rejections are to be expected when

  • The sports group is not supervised by a teacher (e.g. free practice groups)
  • The casualty happens during competitions (tournaments and national championships)
  • The casualty happens during weekend/holiday courses.

In case of a rejection the costs have to be claimed to the personal health or accident insurance. To be on the safe side, a form for accident notifications is to be filled out, which is accessible in the service office of the University Sports Department and on this website.

The completed accident notification is to be submitted to the service office of the University Sports Department. From here it is forwarded to LUK. Please do not forward the accident notification yourself!

Further information can be inquired from the LUK

There is no further insurance cover through the University Sports Department.

There is no insurance cover for guests and non-members of the universities. In order to participate in the programme of the university sports, guests have to hold a personal liability insurance. We recommend to hold a personal accident insurance as well.