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University Sports Department

What is university sports?

University sports is an offer for all students and employees for all public universities of Hannover to be active together and to have a welcome change from working and studying. The university sports is organised by the University Sports Department Hannover (Zentrum für Hochschulsport – ZfH), which is located on the SportCAMPUS (Am Moritzwinkel 6).

University sports is primarily designed as a leisure activity which means that all participants, regardless of their proficiency level, are welcome.

The University Sports Department offers a wide variety of courses. The courses are not primarily intended to demand maximum performance or work until exhaustion. It is rather an opportunity to enjoy exercising with friends and to get to know people. 

All students and staff of the universities related to the University Sports Department may participate at all sports classes, which are very often free of charge.

What does the university sports offer?

The University Sports Department organises an extensive sports programme including more than 100 different disciplines and kinds of exercises. It further runs a fitness studio / gym, the CAMPUSFit, and a climbing hall, the KletterCAMPUS. More than 700 courses with different terms are held in the semester and during term breaks.

An annual highlight are the summer festivities of the “Hochschulsportfest” of all five major universities of Hannover. On this day, many university courses are cancelled and you are welcome to join the tournaments as well as the open-air party on the SportCAMPUS. During the winter term – usually in December – a small “Hochschulsportfest” called “Winternachtsspaß” is carried out, too.

Throughout the year, there are multiple events, seminars and tournaments in Hannover and all over Europe in which many of our sports groups participate.

Who is doing the work?

There are two institutions involved in university sports. First, the University Sports Department organises the sports programme, runs the CAMPUSFit and the KletterCAMPUS, administers and cares about the sports complexes at the SportsCAMPUS.

Secondly, there is the AStA-sports department, which forms the common sports department together with the AStA-sports departments from other universities. It is responsible for all grants for students who want to participate for external events and tournaments, for students’ representation in university sports and for students’ sports policy.

There also is the “Obleuteversammlung” for which each sports group elects one representative. The delegates form the “Obleuteversammlung”, which gives out advice concerning the sports programme, decide on everything important in university sports and on the finances of the AStA-sports department.