Ein großes Fragezeichen auf einer Tafel. Ein großes Fragezeichen auf einer Tafel. Ein großes Fragezeichen auf einer Tafel.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is allowed to train at CAMPUSFit?

    The CAMPUSFit is an offer for students and employees of Leibniz University and the cooperation universities of the University Sports. External students cannot train at CAMPUSFit.

  • How can I register at CAMPUSFit?

    You will receive your authorization for free and self-directed training at CAMPUSFit after participating in our studio briefing, the starter packagage. This is mandatory before you can start at CAMPUSFit!
    The starter package may be booked via the website. A semester card is not required for this. In addition to the studio instruction, the starter package includes mineral drinks during the workout, a sauna ticket and a trial training session following the briefing.

  • What happens after the studio instruction (starter package)?

    Choose a CAMPUSFitCard with 3, 6 or 12 months duration and get a ticket for an individual workout planning with our Studio App from Lanista and a body composition analysis (BIA). Let's go! Your training can start. 

    With the CAMPUSFitCards there are not only different terms but also different rates. The cheapest rate is the Earlybird - here you can check in train Mon-Fri until 2:00 pm. On weekends you can train all day and use the sauna on weekends.

    With the CAMPUSFitCard Basic you can train and use the sauna at any time.

    With the CAMPUSFitCard Premium you can train at any time, use the sauna and visit the group fitness courses of the FitCard.

    The Semestercard is included in all CAMPUSFitCards and entitles you to participate in the sports courses from the basic offer and to book additional offers in the general university sports program.

  • Does my CAMPUSFit contract renew automatically?

    Our CAMPUSFit contracts do not renew automatically. After your contract expires, you can sign a new contract and choose the term (3, 6, 12 months) again flexibly.