Sports studies

Blick auf das ZfH (links) und das IfS (rechts) Blick auf das ZfH (links) und das IfS (rechts) Blick auf das ZfH (links) und das IfS (rechts)

Together with the University Sports Department (ZfH), the Institute of Sports Science (IfS) is located on the SportCAMPUS, where it researches, teaches and trains students in seven degree programmes and five research areas. Sports students can use sports facilities and/or borrow sports equipment to prepare for examinations.


If IfS students need to use sports facilities on the SportCAMPUS for exam preparation as part of their sports degree programme, free time slots can be viewed and booked via the corresponding page on the ZfH homepage.

The prerequisite for this is personal legitimisation for each semester - presentation of a valid certificate of enrolment and photo ID - and registration with the ZfH. Registration is possible from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the service point in the central entrance area of the SportCAMPUS.


  • Sports student presents documents for legitimisation at the ZfH
  • ZfH activates the database booking
  • Once the database has been activated, bookings can be made online (14 days in advance): Hall rental for sports students
  • One person can also book for an exercise group: All persons must be able to identify themselves as sports students
  • The booking can be cancelled independently online


Materials and sports equipment for fundamental sports can be borrowed by IfS students for courses and for exam preparation purposes.

The materials can be collected from the janitor's office from from 8:00 a.m. to 4:10 p.m. on the hour - ten minutes before to ten minutes after. Borrowed materials must be signed in and out on the corresponding list in the  janitor's office. Outside of the specified borrowing times, lecturers can borrow the sports equipment in the corresponding rooms independently and on their own responsibility.

Materials (balls, marker cones, etc.) are currently available in halls and rooms. Lecturers (and students) are responsible for taking out the materials and returning them to the appropriate places after use.