FAQs University Sports Department in general

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What is the Semestercard?

To take part in the basic or additional courses, you need the semestercard, for which a fee is charged. With the semestercard you can attend all courses from the basic offer (exclusively for students and employees) flexibly and without registration. At the same time, it entitles you to book courses from the additional offer (open to external students).  

The semestercard is priced according to categories and costs per semester:

Status Student Employee Guests/Alumni
Price 12,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 €

After you have successfully booked your semestercard, you will receive a confirmation email that serves as your registration confirmation for the semestercard. If you bring this booking and your student ID to the admission control, it will go faster.

The Semestercard is NOT:

  • your student ID
  • your library card (Hobsy-card)

You do NOT need the Semestercard if:

Conveniently, you will receive the semestercard with your FitCard or CAMPUSFit membership.

What is the Basic Offer?

The basic offer includes over 100 courses in which you can participate flexibly and without registration. To use the courses of the basic offer, the digital semestercard is booked once per semester. All courses of the basic offer are included in the semester card - a separate booking is not necessary. The basic offer is exclusive for students and employees. External students are not eligible to participate in the basic offer.

What is the Additional Offer?

The additional offer is bookable for students, employees and for external athletes. In the additional offer, each course need to be booked individually and each course is subject to a fee. After you have booked the semestercard, you can choose and book a course in the additional offer. This means that if you want to take a course in the additional offer, you have to book each course individually, unlike courses in the basic offer. There are only a limited number of places available for the courses in the additional offer, so you should be quite quick when booking.

When can I book the additional offer?

Free places can be booked at any time of the semester. Optimal is a booking at the beginning of our booking period, always one week before the start of the new semester. The dates are always communicated in time on our website or social media.


What is the FitCard?

With the FitCard - "our fitness flat" - you can flexibly attend all group fitness courses of the University Sports Department. You can find out which courses these are in the FitCard course schedule, which is updated weekly. You do NOT need a semestercard to book the FitCard. The FitCard includes the services of the semestercard! You can start at any time and choose the duration (3, 6 or 12 months). The total price is different for each status group. The total price does not have to be paid all at once, but will be staggered and debited monthly from your account. For the respective course a daily registration from 7 a.m. on the course day is necessary.  This booking does not cost extra, but counts as your reservation for the course.

Are the FitCard and CAMPUSFitCard the same?

No, the FitCard is not the CAMPUSFitCard at the same time. You cannot train in the fitness studio with the booking of the FitCard. However, there is the CAMPUSFitCard PREMIUM in the fitness studio, the combined offer of CAMPUSFit contract and FitCard. When you book the PREMIUM rate at CAMPUSFit, the FitCard is included and you can use it to participate in our group fitness classes and train at CAMPUSFit.


Can I test without registering?

Unfortunately, there are currently no "trial dates" for paid course offerings with us. There are also no day passes to purchase.

For the courses in the additional offer, it is possible under special circumstances to obtain an exemption from the respective sports educator for trial participation. The best way to do this is to write an e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Agreements with exercise instructors that have not been discussed with the respective sports educators are not valid.

How can I cancel a course, semestercard or FitCard?

All cancellation requests must be sent to us in writing as an e-mail (info@zfh.uni-hannover.de).

How can I book sports fields/halls?

The booking of the sports fields is done via our website under Outdoor Courts Online Rentals. Bookings can only be made for the current or the coming week. If you are interested in a long-term rental, please send us an e-mail.

What do I have to consider when checking in?

In the lobby of the main building, every person who wants to enter the SportCAMPUS will be checked from 3:30 pm to 11:00 pm on weekdays, and from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekends. 

We need at least your student or employee ID card so that we can check the access requirements. This not only ensures that you can participate in our sports program in accordance with the rules, but also ensures better safety on the SportCAMPUS and a pleasant climate for doing sports, and is fair to all participants.

Please understand this, even if the line is long.

Are there any special events at University Sports Department?

Of course! Every year in summer our Hochschulsportfest takes place. There are tournaments in different sports , food, drinks and a party in the evening.

In summer and winter we organize a soccer league. Numerous teams of students compete against each other on several match days. Any student who wants to join a team and think of a funny name can participate. In addition to the soccer league, the beach league also takes place in the summer.

Detailed information about the league can be found in due course on our website under Sports A-Z. Otherwise, you can always find current events and news on the homepage of the University Sports Department and on social media.

Are there also offers for children?

Yes. Under Kids & Family you will find information about the Kids Fit Feriencamp and Kids & Family sports courses. All other courses are open to adults only. In addition, minors may go climbing at the KletterCAMPUS if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How do I pay the registration fees?

All course fees, FitCard subscriptions, CAMPUSFit contract fees and offers of the KletterCAMPUS will be debited from your account via SEPA direct debit. For offers with costs, you must therefore provide your IBAN and confirm that you agree to the SEPA direct debit procedure. 

In exceptional cases, you can also pay course fees in cash or by EC/credit card - but this is only possible during our office hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm in the university sports office on the SportCAMPUS.

Can I spontaneously use the facilities at SportCAMPUS?

If you have a semestercard, you can use the basketball courts, the table tennis tables, the running tracks and the outdoor rack on our outdoor grounds, as long as they are not occupied by university sports courses.

You can also book the artificial turf field, the tennis courts or the beach facilities for a fee via Outdoor Courts Online Rentals on our website if there is free capacity.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to spontaneously come to the grounds and use the facilities, including the two natural grass courts, without having reserved them in advance. Our staff may ask you to leave the grounds if you break the rules.

I don't study in Hannover. Can I still participate?

If you study at one of the universities of the Hochschulsportverband Niedersachsen/Bremen (HVNB), you can participate in university sports at the same conditions as students of the Hanover universities. You can find the universities of the HVNB on our website.

If you study at another university (neither in Hannover nor in the HVNB), you are considered as an external person and must also select the status "external" when registering.

Is a dancing partner required for dance classes?

Unless otherwise stated in the course description, you do not need to bring a permanent dance partner to the course (especially for beginners).

In most dance courses it is possible to register as a single or as a couple - in some couple dance courses, however, registration as a couple is required and is indicated in the course description.

You can find dance partners via the Sportpartner:innenbörse.

Can I cancel my FitCard at any time?

No, we offer extra short contract periods so that you can design your fitness offer as flexibly as possible. 

Special cancellations can only be made in the case of a change of residence of more than 30km distance (to the place of residence specified when signing the contract) after submission of an official certificate of registration or re-registration of the respective authority as well as in the case of a medically certified unfitness for sports.

How do I know if my class is canceled?

The current course cancellations are usually announced on the website under Kursausfälle und Sportstättensperrung and sports facility closures. In the case of FitCard courses and courses from the additional offer, participants are additionally notified by e-mail in the event of course cancellations.

Do I need to bring materials for the courses?

For some courses, materials such as rackets, balls, etc. must be brought independently. On our website under Sportarten A-Z you will find information about the individual courses and can check if certain materials are needed for the respective course.

I would like to borrow a soccer ball, leotard, badminton racket or other equipment, what do I need to do?

If you would like to borrow equipment, you can do so at the service point or in the area behind the service point. A wide range of equipment is available for rent here. Before you can get started, you just have to register on the rental list. A deposit is not required.

I have questions or concerns. Who do I approach?

In principle, you can always contact the staff at the service point during opening hours. You can also send an email to info@zfh.uni-hannover.de or call 0511 762 2192. Your request will either be clarified immediately or forwarded to the appropriate person.