Slashpipe-Kurs in einer Sporthalle. Slashpipe-Kurs in einer Sporthalle. Slashpipe-Kurs in einer Sporthalle.

The Hochschulsport organizes an extensive sports program with over 100 different types of sport and exercise. We do not have your favourite sport in our program yet? Here you will find instructions on how to add new sports 



Step by Step

Step 1

The possible new sport will be discussed with the respective sports pedagogue of our staff    

Step 2

Afterwards the possible exercise leaders are interviewed by the responsible sports pedagogue. The sports pedagogue checks the suitability of the trainers on the basis of a catalogue of criteria.   

Step 3

Then the possible exercise leaders submit a concept to the responsible sports pedagogue for the inclusion of the possible new sport. This concept must clearly state which sport is involved, how the possible new sport fits into our program the Hochschulsport and which added value is created  

Step 4

Afterwards, the responsible sports pedagogue checks a possible inclusion of the sport in the Hochschulsport program according to a defined catalogue of criteria. Here, e.g. hall and room capacities, budgets, material purchases, etc. are significant.  

Step 5

If the sports teacher is in favour of admission, the sport is presented to the Hochschulsport team and will be discussed at the monthly service meeting of the Zentrum für Hochschulsport .  

Schritt 6

If the committee decides to accept the student, the instructors are informed and the sport is included in the Hochschulsport program for the next semester. The new sport will be presented to the chairpersons at the next meeting of the AStA Sports Department.  .