Saving Energy on SportCAMPUS

Against the backdrop of the energy crisis and the associated cost increases, universities in Germany, just like companies and private individuals, are required to significantly reduce their energy consumption. The University Sports Department is also taking measures to make a contribution.


Energy saving measures

The energy crisis has now reached various areas of society. Leibniz University and the University Sports Department (ZfH) have also developed concepts to contribute to saving energy. Despite cost-cutting measures, it is important to maintain the sporting activities as best as possible, because sport makes a major contribution to social interaction and the health of students and employees.

The links below provide an overview and further information on saving energy. The possibilities for savings by the ZfH, but also by all sports participants, are listed below.

What are the most important measures of the ZfH?

  • Lighting of the outdoor and indoor facilities as required
  • Switching off electrical appliances (no standby operation)
  • For hygienic reasons, the shower temperature will NOT be lowered

What can you do concretely to make a contribution?

  • Check that the lights are off when leaving the changing rooms and sports halls
  • Shower quickly

Further Information