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ADAC Hannover Marathon 2023: Start with the University Sports Department

ADAC Hannover Marathon 2023: Start with the University Sports Department

When the starting signal for the ADAC Hannover Marathon is given directly at the New Town Hall on March 26, 2023, many active runners will set off on a 42.195-kilometer route across Lower Saxony's state capital. Students of Leibniz University and the Hanoverian cooperative universities of University Sports Department receive reduced registration conditions for all main distances (marathon, half marathon, 10 km run, relays) at Northern Germany's largest running event.

And that's not all: part of the ADAC Marathon Hannover 2023 will be the German University Championships (DHM) in the marathon and half marathon. Thus, for the first time, a platform for student grassroots and elite sports will be created in a major event in Hanover.

Registration for students from Hanover (mass sports):
The discount promotion can save up to 50% on the registration price of the marathon, half marathon, 10 km run and relay. The only requirement: on March 26, 2023, the starters are still enrolled at Leibniz University or at one of the Hanoverian cooperative universities of University Sports Department (Leibniz University, Hochschule Hannover, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule, Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien, Leibniz FH).

Starting fees for students:

Marathon: 50 €
Half marathon: 40 €
10 km run: 20 €
Marathon relay: 80 €
To register for the run, please contact the organizer directly at: 

Important: Please have your matriculation number ready!

Please enter the following access data for the online registration:

User: Hochschulsport // Password: Marathon_23

German University Championship Marathon and Half Marathon

Part of the ADAC Marathon Hannover 2023 will also be the German University Championships (DHM) in Marathon and Half Marathon. By integrating the DHM into the ADAC Hannover Marathon, not only students from Hanover will be addressed, but also student athletes inside from all over Germany. "The German University Championship is a very important building block for us to focus specifically on young talent," says Stefanie Eichel, Managing Director of eichels Event GmbH, which organizes the ADAC Hannover Marathon.

Sebastian Knust, Head of University Sports Department, adds: "University Sports Hannover is very pleased that the German University Sports Association has awarded the DHM in the marathon and half marathon to Hanover. Now it is a matter of getting as many as possible of the almost 50,000 students from Hanover "on the track". For the students from Hanover it will certainly be a great experience to be able to start in front of a home crowd."

The fast course in Lower Saxony's state capital may also have a special appeal for young talents who still want to recommend themselves for participation in the World University Games (formerly Universiade) in Chengdu in the summer of 2023. A prominent advocate for the DHM in Hanover is the reigning German champion Hendrik Pfeiffer: "Integrating the German University Championships in the marathon and half marathon in such a renowned and attractive city marathon as Hanover is a great signal to the student runners and gives these title fights a very special touch," says the 29-year-old, who achieved his national title and thus also the qualification for the European Championships in Munich this year on the fast course in Hanover.

"We are very pleased that the organization of the 2023 DHM Marathon and Half Marathon at Leibniz University is in very experienced hands. The University Sports Department Team headed by Sebastian Knust will set up an all-round successful German University Championship for the student runners, which will certainly have the best framework conditions due to its integration into the ADAC Hannover Marathon 2023," said adh sports director Thorsten Hütsch.

Registration for participation in the DHM is expected to be possible from the end of October.

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