Advent activities at KletterCAMPUS

During the Advent season, many special promotions and surprises await you at KletterCAMPUS, the climbing gym of the Center for University Sports. Every Sunday during Advent (11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18), as well as on St. Nicholas Day, there are discount promotions and specials for discounted admission.

Tickets Special

On 11/27/2022, the 3-month ticket is available at a special rate:

  • 79 € Students
  • 100 € Employees
  • 135 € External

For the second Advent on 12/04/2022 there is the Happy Hour 10-card at lower prices than usual:

  • 29 € Students
  • 36 € Employees
  • 58 € External    

When the third candle on the Advent wreath lights up on 12/11/2022, the 10-card is on sale:

  • 42 € Students
  • 49 € Employees
  • 70 € External     

And for the fourth Advent on (12/18/2022) there is the day ticket for half price:

  • 3,00 € Students
  • 3,50 € Employees
  • 5,00 € External

Family climbing

In addition, the Advent season is family time, so for families with the family climbing also a special offer awaits in the Advent season.

The family climbing is aimed at all interested parties who have always wanted to try climbing together with their children or can already climb, but have not done it for a long time. There is no minimum age for participating children, the rule is: if you can walk, you can climb. There will always be experienced staff on site to answer questions and give tips. Parents can also stay on the ground, if desired the trainer will support the child on the wall.

Material, such as climbing harnesses and ropes can be brought or rented on site for 3€ each. It is recommended to wear comfortable, long, athletic clothing and to bring clean sneakers with a light-colored sole.

The action is valid on all Sundays in Advent from 12pm to 6pm.

The family ticket for two adults and up to three children costs:

  • 10€ Students
  • 15€ Employees
  • 20€ External and Alumni

Santa Claus Climbing

All those who climb on St. Nicholas Day with a Christmas hat also pay only half price on the daily admission. The action is valid on 12/06/2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the KletterCAMPUS team at

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