All-inclusive - Our Buddy-Project

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What is the Buddy-Project?

In our buddy project, tandems are made up of students or employees who may not be able to participate in sports without assistance, and so-called "buddies", people who can offer assistance. Buddies empower and enable their partners to participate in the general sports program. This project is part of our plan to ensure everyone's full participation in university sports.

The project aims to permanently implement broad unified sports engagement. We see our project as a pilot project through which we would like to work out measures that will lead to an improvement in everyday life of students and employees with disabilities. We offer open seminars and workshops where we can all come together and broaden our horizons.

What does the project offer me?

Our Buddy-Project promotes diversity, tolerance and openness.

The project offers:

  • a new experience of engament through sports
  • meeting a wide variety of people enthusiastic about sports
  • testing your limits

In addition, the Zentrum für Hochschulsport (ZfH) in close cooperation with the Central Facility for Quality Assurance: Department Key Competences of the Leibniz UniversityHanover (ZQS) enables each buddy tandem to prepare for the specific challenges of sports activities as a tandem. Seminars will teach you different concepts in small groups, plus you get the chance to familiarize yourself with your buddy partner. Participation in these seminars is voluntary and not a prerequisite for signing up for the Buddy-Project.

How can I sign up to be a Buddy?

To offer assistance in as many sports as possible, we're always looking for people who would like to support others. We'll help you get set up with a suitable partner if you would like to form a tandem.

You may register directly via the registration form.

You would like to assist or require assistance?