Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an inexpensive and sophisticated sports and exercise program from A to Z for all students and members of the universities in Hanover. Our offers include sports courses, sports camps as well as sports events with different areas of focus: to engage, to network, to balance, to watch and to compete.

We stand for a high quality sports and exercise program which is particularly well suited to beginners and geared towards amateur sports. We offer a healthy balance to the daily routines of academia and work. We also wish to promote responsible and unprejudiced interactions with one another, in sports and in life.

Our Aim

Our aim is to motivate the greatest possible number of people from our target audience to passionately engage in sports and to create the optimal conditions to do so. Our insitution prides itself on friendly and accomodating client-focused service. By sharing our enthusiasm for sports, we hope to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports for our clients. 

Personal development opportunities abound: engaging in sports, education and the encouragement of  active engagement of all participants are key aspects of our philosophy . We administer and manage the equipment and properties assigned to the Zentrum für Hochschulsport. According to demand and current scientific research, we develop our content and framework conditions.

Our Way

Transparency in our actions and in dealing with resources are the basis of our work. We strive for constant  development without losing sight of what we already have. We are in constant communication with students and depend on feedback. We encourage everyone in our team to share their expertise and experience with one another, so that we all may benefit from excellent teamwork. Our various qualifications and backgrounds make our teamwork efficient and easy. 

We promote engaging in sports, we organize, we share knowledge, we work out creative solutions, we think outside the box, we develop visions and concepts, we delegate, we craft, we create, we administer, we discuss, we lead and are led and, most significantly, are a team!

Our Values

Values which particularly influence our actions and which we expect from our partners and clients: Equal participation and diversity, sustainability, openness, tolerance, responsibility towards oneself and society.

We draw on the diversity of Leibniz University Hanover. We rely on our athletic, dynamic and diverse team as well as on our trainers and participants. We are well connected with other universities in Hanover and their sports departments, with the adh, the HVNB as well as our non-academic partners.

We have access to extraordinary grounds & facilities at a beautiful location with good infrastructure. Our cooperation is characterized by a friendly atmosphere, mutual appreciation as well as acknowledgment of accomplishments. We use the methods of Innovative Learning, meaning we engage openly with each other, empower each other and practice a transparent error culture.