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Accident and liability insurance

In principle, members of the cooperative universities are insured against accidents when participating in university sports. The legal basis is the Social Security Code, the responsible authority is the Landesunfallkasse Niedersachsen (LUK)

However, as the LUK reserves the right to examine individual cases, it is not possible to make any generally valid statements. Rejection must be expected in particular if

  • the sports groups are not supervised by a teacher (e.g. free play groups)
  • it concerns competitions (DHM / tournaments)
  • Accidents occur during leisure time.

In case of refusal, the costs would have to be claimed against the private health or accident insurance. In case of an accident, the accident report must be filled out, which is available at the Hochschulsport Office or here for download.

With the exception of the statutory accident insurance for members and relatives of the cooperative universities, there is no further insurance cover. It is recommended that you take care of this yourself. 

There is no insurance cover for persons not belonging to the university. Liability insurance is a prerequisite for possible participation in university sports for persons not affiliated with the university.

Accident notification

Please select Landesunfallkasse Niedersachsen as recipient (points 3 and 4)! The completed accident report must be submitted immediately to the service office of the Zentrum für Hochschulsport and will be forwarded from there to the state accident insurance fund. Please do not forward the accident report to the LUK yourself!

Accident report for download

Accident notification for students for download

Accident notification for employees for download 

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